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What is a courier?

Someone accountable for the exchange of products amongst 2 or more people. Couriers are typically utilized by a business that charges a set price to the party utilizing the courier provider. Big companies all employ couriers to supply mail and bundles. Couriers are essential in busy cities since they’re in a position to use other methods of transportation such as bikes and motorbikes to move around congested traffic.

When one thinks of couriers one does not think that a courier service requires creativity and skill to be properly functional. The design of any courier network requires one being creative and inventive. Issues to consider would include:


1) Do you outsource services

2) Do you use air, road, ship or even foot

3) where are the central hubs going to be

4) What type of customers are we going to target

5) What is the market niche?

6) What are the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats

7) What marketing strategy will be followed: eg Price, Product, Promotion.

8) How many people are we going to employ

9) How is business going to be funded

10) Are we going to buy or lease our equipment?

Below I have compiled a list of interesting articles relating to the courier industry:

From the above one can see that there are a lot of consideration that pertain to a courier business. Ultimately a courier business is just like any other business. It needs a high level of back end support to be successful and needs to offer a high level of customer service to keep its customers happy.



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